Vampire Tower

A short blog post about funny things my students said during a lesson about traveling. Originally posted on the creator's blog.
11 Apr 2013
Siobhain Rivera
CC Attribution-ShareAlike (BY-SA)

I’ve been cleaning things up on my computer and found these notes about some stuff my kids said during a writing exercise.

Min Joon asked me about NYC, and a building he wanted to see there. I asked him what it was called, or why it was famous.
Min Joon: “I think it’s called… the Vampire Tower?”
me: “Um… I don’t think so.”
Min Joon: ”It’s really tall.”
me: “Oh!! You mean the Empire State Building!”

Sally told me she wanted to visit Rome, so that she could meet God. ”And then, I want to go to Spain, so I can see cows.”
Me: “Sally, isn’t there anything else you want to do in Spain?”
Sally: “Yes….I want to eat ice cream.”

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