Project Info

Jumeoni is a digital library documenting life in Seoul, South Korea. The project was originally created by Siobhain Rivera for the Fall 2014 Digital Libraries class at Indiana University's Department of Library and Information Science.

Jumeoni ("pocket" in Korean) was designed to be a repository for media related to the experiences of foreigners living and working in Seoul. It supports audio, video, text, and images. Although the site is currently closed, it is the creator's hope that it will eventually support a community of users who contribute their resources to the project.

The project proposal outlines the general framework and purpose of the project, as well as scholarly significance and use cases.

Jumeoni uses the Dublin Core Element Set (( The metadata scheme details content guidelines for the project and includes specifications for all the elements that are used by the project.

Juemoni is built on the open source Drupal 7 framework ( While most of the site's functionality has been implemented, it is still far from finished. You can view the wireframes for the project, which give an idea of the proposed layout of the various pages. Future iterations of the project will implement the following:

  • Page views for most recent/most popular items
  • A timeline view of items
  • A map view of items
  • A customized theme and original logo
  • Front page image map linking to district browse pages
  • Community features: the ability to register as a user, commenting functions, "share to..." social media buttons

There were a few challenges with this project:

  • Drupal can be very complex, and I've only begun learning about it, but I felt that building a project like this would be the best way to expand my skills. It's a very different experience from building a site with HTML, and Drupal's granularity, while amazingly flexible, also makes it occasionally frustrating. There are so many ways to do things that it can be overwhelming, and modules are not always well-documented. While I'm really pleased with the site that I have been able to construct, there is so much more that I would like to do, particularly in regards to stylistic elements. I hope to continue to develop this project bit by bit.
  • While I find this project exciting because of my own experiences living in Seoul, I am concerned that it will not be compelling for other people to contribute their time and resources to helping me build it. Digital projects take time and money to build, and I'm not sure the project has enough scholarly merit to be considered as a grant project. Sustainability is also an issue, especially in user-contributed projects such as this one.